Don't know anything about fabric? WE DO.

Exclusive to Bishop

We offer our customers an impressive array of fabrics grouped into eight main families to ensure your selection is fast, easy, and accurate.

Each family of fabrics share a distinctive collection of unique features and qualities. From lightweight wicking polyester for high output pursuits to fine Italian lambskin for jaw dropping first impressions. At Bishop your choices are inhibited only by your imagination. 

Techno Dri

Exclusive To Bishop, Techno Dri is our high performance, moisture wicking polyester fabric designed to keep you dry when you’re on the run, in the gym, or out on the court. All of our Techno Dri knits wick from the yarn forward, and are antimicrobial to reduce odor:

  • Micromesh
  • Interlock
  • Micro Piqué
  • Heavyweight Piqué
  • Ultra Knit
XVR Softshell

Warm, breathable and weather proof, Bishop XVR is possibly the most versatile outerwear fabric available. Designed specifically to keep you comfortable on the darkest winter days. XVR is available in a waterproof 3-layer laminate.

  • 3 Layer Waterproof Microfleece Back
  • Lightweight 3 Layer Waterproof Mesh Back
Shield Hardshell

Found exclusively in our collection of traditional hardshell jackets, our 200 denier Oxford, Ripstop, and Daytona fabrics deliver a fine balance of durability, weather resistance and flare. Old man winter best beware.

  • 200 Denier Oxford
  • Ripstop
  • Heavyweight Stretch Twill
Comfort-Tech Fleece

Bishop’s Comfort-Tech Fleece is right for you. From the natural feel of old fashioned cotton to high tech Stretch Dry. Functional, fun and fabulous – these fleece fabrics will keep you comfortable and warm in any west coast weather.

  • Micro Fleece
  • Poly Fleece
  • Stretch Dry
  • Poly-Cotton Fleece
Natural Cotton

Nothing beats the classic comfort of a Natural Cotton top. It’s the cornerstone of the fashion industry and the fabric people feel most comfortable in. Our cotton collection includes a Draw Sheeting, Super Twill and a very cool Velour.

  • Super Twill
  • Draw Sheeting
  • Stretch Poplin
B-Tech Stretch

Everyone from yoga aficionados to adrenalin fueled extreme athletes know that agility and mobility are key to peak performance. That’s why we developed our motion enhancing B-Tech Stretch fabrics.

  • X-Treme Stretch
  • Antimicrobial and wicking
  • Monte

When only the best will do, request Bishop Originals. Fabrics crafted exclusively for us to ensure that they will meet our strict standards of quality, comfort and durability. Bishop Originals; ask for them by name.

  • Poly Dazzle
  • Air Mesh
  • Sueded Microfibre
  • Brushed Poly Dazzle
  • Leather

Sustainable Edition

Bishop pioneered the sustainable fabric category for custom manufacturing back in 2006 with our introduction of our sustainable collection.

In-Stock 24-7

Rayon from Bamboo Cotton Stretch

Organic Cotton Twill

Enviro Micro Poly Fleece


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Enviro Micro Mesh

Enviro Micro Piqué

Enviro Heavyweight Piqué

Reprocessed Melton Wool

Think Globally, Source Ethically

A major source of global CO2 emissions is the transportation of finished consumer goods. The garment industry is no exception as most of its emissions are generated by bulk shipping finished garments from off-shore factories to their North American destinations. BISHOP helps to minimize CO2 emissions by manufacturing almost all (98%) of our orders in our factory in Vancouver, Canada, from fabrics stocked and available locally.

Bishop is pleased to announce the following additions to our polyester offerings:

  • Repreve Micro Mesh
  • Repreve Micro Pique
  • Repreve Heavyweight Pique
  • Repreve Micro Poly Fleece

These fabrics are produced from a unique mix of recycled post industrial fiber waste and post consumer plastics that is spun into a yarn that is combined with virgin polyester.

What is Repreve?

Repreve is comprised of post-industrial fiber waste and post-consumer plastics. This recycled mix is put through a unique conversion process in which it is chopped, ground, melted and reformulated into 100% recycled Repreve chips; these chips are then made into garment yarn using a proprietary process.

About Our Fabrics

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen! It needs no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers, and its roots retain water in the watershed, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.

Bamboo possesses a property called “Bamboo Kun” which means that it is naturally anti-microbial. Even after fifty washes, fabrics made of rayon derived from bamboo retain their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial nature. This makes it suitable for those sensitive to allergens and also helps to reduce body odor, without the risk of allergic reaction sometimes associated with exposure to the chemicals used to give other materials similar properties.

Bishop looked at a number of different blends before selecting our ultra comfortable rayon derived from bamboo, cotton and spandex combination.

Organic Cotton

Bishop is proud to announce the inclusion of 100% organic cotton twill to our Sustainable Collection.

Approved by the International Organic/Sustainable Certification Group (SKAL), you can be assured that every strand of cotton yarn in the finished rolls of fabric is made in adherence to this widely-recognized standard. Our soft, smooth cotton is certified organic from the seed to the shelf, and is responsibly grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. It is dyed with certified OEKO-TEX standard – 100 earth- friendly dyes. The dyeing is done with low impact, fiber-reactive dyes which are much more environmentally-friendly than traditional dye stuffs such as sulfa or heavy metal dyes.

Chitosante Performance Fabrics

Chitosante is a new, environmentally-friendly fabric that is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan. The fabric is created by combining Chitosan with textile fibers during the dying and/or finishing process. The result is that Chitosante incorporates valuable practical features without sacrificing high performance characteristics: it is anti-bacterial, biodegradable, odor resistant, non-toxic, as well as pilling-resistant, anti-static, breathable, and fast drying/wicking.