Endless decorations, one goal: the perfect custom garment.

Bishop is the decoration expert. We have numerous ways to create custom logos and embellishments that will make your garments truly custom. As you can see from the list below, we have an option for every possible custom requirement. 

The beauty of dealing with Bishop is that most of these decorations can be applied to the garment panel before it is sewn, allowing a much higher level of detail and freedom of placement for you, the customer.


Sublimation is great for athletic apparel using our exclusive Techno-Dri series of fabrics. It won’t ever fade or crack.

Heat Transfers

Why silk-screen when you can transfer? Thermal transfers are lightweight and extremely durable.


Applique is a form of embroidery that reduces the amount of stitching required to apply the decoration to the garment.


Nothing beats the quality feel of classic embroidery. We take pride in the quality of our embroidery and digitization services.

Custom Silk Screening

Most companies offer one or two screen options. We offer five. If it’s possible, we can do it.

Private Label

The ultimate in custom expression. Having a ‘true’ custom garment means having a custom label sewn into the garment.


Our high tech laser engraving gives a look like no other. Can also be done with a reverse appliqué.

Rubber Patches

Rubber gives a custom feeling to your garment that simple silk-screening and embroidery can not.

Fiberlok Patches


Emboss – Deboss

On most of our leather goods, we offer premium quality emboss or deboss options.


We use Chenille to achieve the sophisticated collegiate or high end corporate look that many of our clients request.